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Terms and Condtions of Intermediation of Prinsen Residence International

  1. Definitions

    In these terms and conditions:
    • 1.1 "Prinsen Residence International" means Prinsen Residence of Amsterdam.
    • 1.2 The "customer" means any natural or legal person who has given Prinsen Residence International an order to act as an intermediary in looking for living and / or working accommodation.
  2. Conclusion of Agreement

    • 2.1 The Intermediation Agreement shall be concluded by sending in the filled-in registration form.
    • 2.2 Prior to conclusion of an Agreement the Customer will be under the obligation to submit valid identity documents to Prinsen Residence International.
    • 2.3 All offers of living and/ or working accommodation made by Prinsen Residence International both in writing and verbally shall be without engagement and no rights can be derived therefrom by the Customer.
    • 2.4 If the Customer is eligible for any living accommodation requiring a residence permit, obtaining such permit shall be for account and risk of the Customer himself.
  3. Activities

    • 4.1 Prinsen Residence International shall start its activities after having received the filled-in registration form.
    • 4.2 The work to be done by Prinsen Residence International shall consist of the following activities:
      1. Viewing;
      2. Giving advice on renting / leasing and letting;
      3. On request giving other relocation services.
  4. Payment

    • 5.1 If a tenancy agreement results to the Customer from the intermediation by Prinsen Residence International, the following amounts shall be due to Prinsen Residence International by the Customer: for self-contained accommodation, meaning that the tenant has his own kitchen and bathroom facillities, one month"s rent (as payable monthly to the letter/ lessor), exclusive of VAT.
    • 5.2 If a sale agreement results to the Customer from the intermediation by Prinsen Residence International, a fee shall be due by the Customer in accordance with the rates containd in the General Terms and Conditions of Business of NVM (Dutch Association of Estate Agents).
    • 5.3 The amount mentioned in paragraph 1 of th-is Article shall be payable to Prinsen Residence International only once and must be paid in cash or by bank-transfer to Prinsen Residence International either on the signature of the tenancy agreement or not later than one day following acceptance of the accommodation.
    • 5.4 Failing such payment, any legal or non-legal expenses shall be chargeable to the debtor.
    • 5.5 If you and/ or your relatives/ relations are going to live at any address obtained through Prinsen Residence International, a fee shall be due to Prinsen Residence International by you.
    • 5.6 You cannot move into the accommodation until you have paid the fee to Prinsen Residence International.
  5. Liability

    • 6.1 Prinsen Residence International shall not be liable for the way in wich anyletter / lessor fulfils hisobligations as a letter/ lessor after the signature of the contract. The customer must always apply directly to the letter/ lessor.